Pastor’s Blog: Seek me

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. [Jeremiah 29:13]
An amazing thing happened Thursday night. As I was parking my truck a car suddenly stopped and a man approached me asking about the church. After informing him of our church services (I told him to come Sunday) he asked me if there was anything else going on before. I remembered the Friday night worship service and told him about it. 
He was beyond excited. He told me, “Tengo necesidad De Dios” “I need God” he said! On Friday night not only did he come and was the first one there but he brought his entire family with him. I was really happy to see him. He left blessed! Reality is that we all need God! Ask yourself this…
Do we take for granted our faith in Christ? 
Do we take for granted the God that we serve?
Do we take for granted the beautiful church God has given us?
You see, tomorrow is not promised to you and me. We don’t know what our health situation will be in from one day to the next. The promise of God is this, as long as you have a desire to seek me; I won’t hide from you, I’ll make myself known to you. If you seek me, you will find me. 
Lord, I will seek you should be our every day prayer! May we come hungry to the House of God, may we come like this man…”God I come to you because I need you, I have nothing left.” In reality without Christ we most certainly don’t have anything left. 
Thank Him for what you have, 
Pastor Obed

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